Our first Brass lesson

This week we had our first Brass lesson with Mr Bennett.  We learnt about brass instruments and then about the three instruments we have in school: the trumpet, the trombone and the baritone.  We all then got to try to play a trumpet.  

Next week, we will all get to try the trombone and then we will find out which instrument we play best.  Following this, we will then be issued with our instruments.  

Creative digestive sytems

In Science, Year 4 are learning about the parts of the digestive system and how it helps to break down food in our bodies.  Miss Guy challenged Year 4 to try to make models of the digestive system using art materials.  Here are some of our creations so far! 

Type the link below into a search engine to see an interactive cartoon which shows you how the digestive system works.  Select your food and see how it travels through the digestive system.  We hope you enjoy it as much as Year 4 did!

(Tip: try typing the link into Internet Explorer as Google Chrome did not work for us at school.)


Year 4’s World War 2 Discoveries

When Year 4 arrived in their new classroom, they noticed a shelter containing some unusual objects.  When we inspected them closely there were two World War 2 newspapers, a bag for a gas mask and a small suitcase with a name tag saying Lenny.  Inside the suitcase were a number of items, including clothes, an identify card, a teddy bear, marbles and a yoyo.  We think that the suitcase must belong to a World War 2 evacuee but we are hoping to discover more about Lenny soon.

What are your ideas about Lenny and his mysterious suitcase?