The Snow Queen

On Wednesday 16th January, Hobgoblin Theatre Compamy came to Rushall to perform The Snow Queen.  As part of our Ice Worlds topic, Year 4 have been reading some extracts from The Snow Queen so we were excited to find out what happened in the rest of the story.

When watching the play, we were interested to discover that the film ‘Frozen’ was inspired by The Snow Queen.

After watching the performance, Year 4 agreed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the show so the next day in class we wrote thank you letters to the theatre group.  We included our favourite parts of the play in our letters.  Most of the class chose Barry as their favourite character as he made us all laugh.

Take a look at our pictures to see some of the most memorable moments from the show.

Ice Worlds

When Year 4 returned to school on Tuesday, they discovered that the classroom was decorated to reflect our whole school ‘Ice Worlds’ theme.  The children also found some clues from our new class story ‘Ice Palace’.  Year 4 have made predictions about what Ivan’s land is and where it might be.  We have also predicted who the mysterious Starjik is and why, if you whisper his name, it becomes winter in your heart.

We are excited to find out whether our predictions are correct!