Vicious Vikings!

On Tuesday 26th March, Year 3 and 4 took part in a special Viking day to conclude our topic. In the morning, we were visited by Hobgoblin Theatre Company who performed the play ‘A Viking Tale’. Through watching this play, the children learnt about a Viking girl called Freya who set off on a journey to discover Sigurd’s treasure in order to save her village. Through watching the play, the children learnt lots of information about the following Viking topics: Viking village life, runes, life on a longship, traders, invasions, gods, slaves and religion.

After the performance, the children took part in a drama workshop. This involved children learning to work in partners to mould each other into characters from the play. They also created group tableaux of Viking village life and warriors on board longships. Finally, the children were asked to predict and create an ending of their choice based on the play they had watched.

In the afternoon, both classes visited the school woodland area to search for suitable stones to later paint with the symbols from the Viking alphabet to turn into rune stones.


This morning, we had a visit from Bloxwich Fire Station’s Redwatch.

They spoke to use about how quickly a fire spreads and that if we find a fire, we need to get out call for help. They also spoke about the best place to install Smoke alarms and the best fire escape routes to keep us safe.

They also told us how to make an emergency call and the impact of hoax calls.

Finally, they spoke to us about identify hazards and making sure we keep things tidy to help us get out of the house safely. They also spoke about road safety and to make sure we use our booster seats if we need them.

We had a really Informative morning.