This afternoon, we have started our new Computing topic – websites. In our first lesson, we have learnt that HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is the languages used to create websites. We learnt that HTML uses tags to create pages. We then used Mozilla X-Ray goggles to explore different websites and remix them. Mr Stephens wasn’t too sure about some of the new school mission statements!


This morning, we had a visit from Bloxwich Fire Station’s Redwatch.

They spoke to use about how quickly a fire spreads and that if we find a fire, we need to get out call for help. They also spoke about the best place to install Smoke alarms and the best fire escape routes to keep us safe.

They also told us how to make an emergency call and the impact of hoax calls.

Finally, they spoke to us about identify hazards and making sure we keep things tidy to help us get out of the house safely. They also spoke about road safety and to make sure we use our booster seats if we need them.

We had a really Informative morning.

Super Scratch Programmers

We have been learning how to program in Scratch this half term. We have learnt how to create a quiz using selection and variables. We then created our quizzes collaboratively using paired programming. We then had to debug our programs to check they were working correctly. We all persevered to complete our quizzes, as Mr Stephens would only give us hints or tell us to ask others.

Take a look at our quizzes –

Our first Brass lesson

This week we had our first Brass lesson with Mr Bennett.  We learnt about brass instruments and then about the three instruments we have in school: the trumpet, the trombone and the baritone.  We all then got to try to play a trumpet.  

Next week, we will all get to try the trombone and then we will find out which instrument we play best.  Following this, we will then be issued with our instruments.